The STS Academy in association with Chelsea FC Foundation

The STS Academy provides post-16 education in a setting where learners can reach their full potential, both academically and as a player.  We provide an adult environment for our learner’s that promotes professionalism and hard work alongside fulfilment and enjoyment.  This environment has proven successful; achievement and retention rates on all courses are outstanding, always surpassing national benchmarks.
Our academic courses include level 3 and level 2 provision, providing exit routes such as university, college, scholarships in USA and routes directly into employment.  Many of the bolt-on qualifications we offer give the added value to our programmes and increase employability.

The standards we set on the field are also high, we demand a lot from our players and you will leave the academy a better player.   Entry into the academy is via our trials and we release details of these in January of every year.  If you are successful at trial you will then attend an interview and demonstrate you can meet the necessary academic requirements to study on your selected programme.  Demand is high and there is great competition for a limited number of places, our advice is to apply early and ensure you make the first trial date.

Charlie Trill

"I came to the Football Academy after a very successful 5 years at Simon Langton Grammar School. STS was the right choice for me given that I had outstanding coaching and teaching and I was consistently challenged to improve. As a result I achieved outstanding grades and now I am living the dream at one of the best Universities in the country for my chosen field."

Alan Walker (Kent County FA)

"I have been delivering FA course at STS for 4 years now and I can’t speak highly enough of the great work done there by the staff. The support they give to their students is fantastic and they create the right environment for players to learn."